Our Story

Nick and Brad originally set out to create a menu based around delicious cuts of bacon. Months prior to opening Scratch, Nick asked Brad to come up with a creative angle on a fresh approach to preparing one of America’s most celebrated delicacies. After curing pork for eleven days, adding a dry rub and smoking each cut for several hours, they knew they struck gold. Their original idea was to open a small, hole-in-the-wall BLT shop where locals can relax and enjoy bacon made “from scratch.” Then the idea was born – everything in the restaurant would need to be prepared from scratch – hence the name. As time went on, their ideas grew into other dishes as Brad, the chef, discovered new spins on traditional concepts. For example, they didn’t want standard pancakes so Brad created the Tiramisu Pancake. The innovations grew from there.

Today the menu at Scratch Restaurant continues to expand and evolve.  Nick and Brad hope to continue to push the culinary envelope with creative cuisine inspired by the concept: cooking from scratch.

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